Design & Technology

Where creativity meets technology!

In our department, students unleash their imaginations, combining artistry with technology to bring their ideas to life. From graphic design and digital media to robotics and engineering, our comprehensive program offers a diverse range of disciplines to cater to every passion.


Lower School

Our Lower School students are offered to a range of subjects to experience a range of Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies subjects to help them explore and become familiar with technology contexts such as.

Lower School Design and Technologies focuses on:

  1. Knowledge and understanding
    1. Technologies and Society
    2. Technologies Contexts
  2. Processes and production skills
    1. Creating designed solutions

Students are encouraged to explore and become familiar with a range of technologies contexts such as:

  1. Engineering principles and systems
  2. Food and fibre production
  3. Food specialisations
  4. Materials and technologies specialisations
  5. Lower School

Digital Technologies focuses on:

  1. Knowledge and Understanding
  2. Digital Systems
  3. Data and Information
  4. Processes and production skills
  5. Creating Digital Solutions

We encourage all families to see the Lower School Directory by year group to familiarise yourself with the courses available.


Upper School

In Senior School, students can choose to further their Design and Technology and/or Digital Technologies education with a range of ATAR and General subjects.

The ATAR students can choose between:

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Applied Information Technology

The General students can choose between:

  1. Automotive Engineering & Technology
  2. Building and Construction
  3. Business Management and Enterprise
  4. Children, Family and Community
  5. Good Science and Technology
  6. Design Photography
  7. Design Technical Graphics
  8. Materials, Design & Technology Woodwork

Students can also access to a number of certificates. Currently we offer students:

  1. Certificate II Automotive Vocational Preparation
  2. Certificate II Community Services
  3. Certificate II Engineering Pathways
  4. Certificate II Applied Digital Technologies

In 2025 we will be offering a larger range of Certificates, which will be published on the Senior Directory.

We encourage you to read our Senior Directory with specific information on each subject course.



Our centre allows students to gain TAFE automotive qualifications on site, using state-of-the-art equipment including comprehensive automotive tooling, MIG and gas welding, multiple vehicle hoists and plasma cutting.

We have two fully equipped workshops with a full complement of hand tools and machinery including panel saws, lathes, sanders and spray booth.

Equipped with lathes, mill, drills, hydraulic guillotine, MIG TIG, and oxy-acetylene welding, panbrake and electromagnetic benders.

Technical drawing studio that caters for both pencil drafting and digital drafting using Autocad, Inventor and incorporating 3D Printers.

We have a professional photography room. Our students have access to state of the art production and post-production equipment.

At Home Economics we take the classroom to the kitchen!

We have two big kitchens with state of the art equipment. Home Economics education is about students learning how to become independent, how to connect with others and how to take action towards futures that support individual and family wellbeing.