The Arts

Creative Minds at Work

Our Performing Arts department is the centre of the cultural life of our school.
The learning areas comprise:

  1. Dance
  2. Drama
  3. Media
  4. Music
  5. Visual Arts

We have a motivated, creative and enthusiastic team that works collaboratively to provide our students with the best learning opportunities.
Many of our former students have moved on to successful careers in the Arts, both on-stage and backstage. We have a number of former students currently studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).


Students from Years 7-8 are expected to study a performance subject (Dance or Drama) and a Visual Subject (Media, Visual Arts & Crafts).
From Years 9-10 can choose Arts subjects in their elective subjects.


Students in Senior School can select a range of ATAR and General subjects.

The ATAR students can choose between:

  1. Media Production and Analysis
  2. Visual Arts
  3. Drama

General students can choose between:

  1. Media Production and Analysis
  2. Drama
  3. Design Graphics
  4. Visual Art
  5. Dance

Students also have the opportunity to choose certificates in the fields of The Arts. Please check our Senior Directory for a list of all available certificates.


Media as a Film and Television class is offered from Year 7 to Year 12. In Upper School students have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge with a Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) or ATAR and General Media Production and Analysis studies.

In Media, students learn how to write scripts, create film footage and edit their footage using professional software to create movies.

We aim to develop not only the students’ knowledge of traditional film, but also give them the opportunity to create media formats that cater for internet and radio content to equip them with real world knowledge and skills for 21st century Media opportunities after their time is complete at Leeming Senior High School.

Drama is a vibrant and energetic subject, demanding creativity innovation and physicality from all students. The Drama program at Leeming Senior High School has a long history of creating excellent productions annually.

Students work across a wide range of drama styles, using play building, a wide range of scripted works, problem-solving, group work and collaboration and improvisation to build the confidence to perform in front of peers and the wider community.


Dance is one of five subjects that make up the Performing Arts learning area. Dance can be chosen as an elective subject in the Lower School years and as an ATAR or Certificate II qualification in Upper School.

Lower School Dance

Dance theory focuses on the history and origins of dance, the elements of dance and safe dance.

Dance Practical focuses on Dance as a form of fitness and as a type of expression. Throughout the practical Dance units students will participate in a variety of Dance genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Cultural dance.

Upper School Dance

If you choose Dance in Upper School, the Dance course becomes a Certificate II VET Qualification. This is a a nationally recognised certificate that is completed over 2 years (Year 11 and Year 12). Students need to complete 10 units of competency and 4 major performances (one per semester) over the 2 year period. All students are given the opportunity to work both individually and in groups to complete the Certificate. In practical lessons, students will participate in a variety of dance workshops including Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.

At Leeming Senior High School, Visual arts engages students through practical projects and activities that boost critical thinking habits, improve collaborative participation, grow creativity and develop communication skills through writing and talking about art.
Students are presented both traditional and contemporary art making techniques that promote and exploration of various materials and processes within a wide range of art forms.

These include foundations in drawing (still life, portraits, cartooning, landscapes, figures, rendering, one-point and two-point perspective.) colour theory, classical and modern art movements, painting ceramics and printmaking. Visual Art students are encouraged to appreciate the work of other artists while engaging in their own art practices.

Visual Arts students are required to:

  1. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
  2. Organise and develop artistic ideas and work.
  3. Refine and complete artistic work.
  4. Analyse, interpret, and select artistic work for presentation.
  5. Develop and refine artistic work for presentation.
  6. Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.
  7. Perceive and analyse artistic work.
  8. Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
  9. Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
  10. Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art.
  11. Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen understanding.

The Music program at Leeming Senior High School is supported by the instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) and provides instrumental lessons as well as performance opportunities in a range of ensembles to selected students.

Music at Leeming Senior High School is divided into three equal parts:

Class Music: an elective class that students can select to be part of their weekly timetable.

Instrumental Lessons: Taught by an Instrumental Music School Service teacher. Students come out of their weekly class on a rotating basis to get specialist instruction on their chosen instrument.

Ensemble Rehearsal: Either before or after school, ensembles are practical lessons where students rehearse music for a number of performance opportunities throughout the year.

Students in the Music program are expected to take a responsible approach when it comes to learning their instrument and participating in ensembles. All students undertaking instrumental lessons at Leeming Senior High School are expected to be involved in at least one ensemble.

Please note that Music at Leeming Senior High School is not a Music Specialist Program, but a program run by the Instrumental Music School Services.

Year 7 Request for Instrumental Tuition

Year 7 Music Enrolment Letter

Year 8 to 12 Request for Instrumental Tuition

Year 8 to 12 Music Enrolment Letter

2022 Procedures for Class Music Enrolment